Should a new business spend any time or money on Facebook?

Jon Cadieux - Wednesday, November 08, 2017

This is one of the questions I get asked on a regular basis. It seems like it would make sense for any business just getting started to spend time and a few bucks promoting your business on the worlds most used social media platform. I mean, come on, 1.9 billion members, conversion rate this, ROI that. The bottom line is when you’re a small business you lack a couple of things; one is time and the other is money. Whether you’re an electrical contractor, HVAC contractor, or a plumber. You need to spend your time and money where they will have the most effect on moving you toward making money. Facebook is probably not a good investment.

I can tell you first hand, you can literally waste tens of hours on one Facebook post. Between coming up with a topic, choosing an image, editing the image, perfectly crafting the post, rewriting the post 17 times and then there’s the time you waste being distracted by Facebook notifications, etc when you login to make the business page post. The next thing you know, your day is gone, and you feel like you accomplished nothing. Just don’t do it.

Now, consider your habits while on Facebook; you like the picture of your high school friends cat, you share a post about how to make each day count and you comment on the post of a friend who just got engaged. You scroll right over the “Sponsored” post or the ads in the right-side column.

Even if you have an employee who’s a social media aficionado, having them do it for your business is still your money as their time costs you money not to mention they’ll be the one WTFing (wasting time on Facebook). And for Pete’s sake, don’t hire a social media “expert”. It will take you a thousand years to get a real ROI.

It is very difficult to get a good return on your investment (ROI) doing anything in social media.

I’m not saying Facebook isn’t important, I’m saying don’t make the mistake of relying heavily on Facebook, especially at the beginning.

So, how can you use Facebook to help promote your business?

First rule of Facebook Business Paging is KISS (keep it simple and straight forward). It’s this simple. Come up with a strategy, a half page in length tops. Something like this:

Step 1.

Create a new business Facebook page.

Complete all available fields; address, phone, email, website, about, products and pick a couple of original images and verify the page. Maybe your logo for your profile image and maybe your store/office/team/product/town for the larger cover image. Again, don’t spend a bunch of time doing this. Just do it (man, I should copyright that), and move on. You can always change it later. If you need help here, we can help.

Step 2.

Make a couple of posts.

A couple of ideas for your First post; a picture of one of your products, a picture of your Facebook page, a picture of your team, your bio with a picture of you, a work truck, etc.

Step 3.

Invite all your Facebook friends to like and share your business page.

Step 4.

Make one post every day that is relevant to your business and to your target clients.

Don’t discuss your political or religious views. Do mention happy clients, work related fun, new employees, new business partnerships etc. and have fun.

Here’s a few of my favorite tools that make my life running my companies a little easier. – A cool tool to help bring out your creative self with image online image editing. – makes posting to Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and more super easy. – customizable news feed. Shows me articles that are of interest to me. Helps me stay current on industry trends, business news, and gives me ideas for sharable content.

G Suite – Email, cloud storage, documents, presentations, spreadsheets and more

Facebook News Feed Eradicator – Does just what is says.

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